..."sometimes I reach into my wife’s knitting basket and soon find something that can be tied into a fly"....

Franco Cicerone is a friend of Coup du Soir since the first time. He has been tying flies for many years, gives courses, has taken part in the Fly Dressers' Guild award programme, has also participated in the German Open Championship of Fly Tying and other championships several times. His flies are a real eye-catcher and are particularly suitable for alpine waters.

As a Casting Club Chur (CCC – Est. 1959) member, he participates at fly-tying courses and fly-tying evenings in order to share and pass along our enthusiasm for this wonderful craft. He was able to complete the Fly-Tying Awards Scheme of the Fly Dressers Guild and successfully achieved all awards.

Franco has lived in Prättigau since being born there 57 years ago. He began fishing more than 30 years ago and soon switched to just fly fishing. Fly tying, fly fishing, and hunting hobbies combine magnificently. For his patterns he likes using self-collected, natural materials from deer, red deer, chamois, hare, fox, marmot, as well as feathers from duck, pheasant, eurasian jay..., all work very well and breathe life into the flies.

Franco is also invited to participate at the next EWF 2024, you can visit him at his tying bench in the Stadtsaal and have a look at the different works.

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