Traun River

TRAUN RIVER - Pro Strike Indicator

SKU: TR-41-0014-00

CHF 15
"Pro Strike Indicator"

Where else could the idea to use impregnated wool for a strike indicator come from, other than New Zealand? Our set included tool, rubber tubing and impregnated indicator yarn (DWR Indicator).

It's simple to use:

1: Form a loop in your leader using the tool
2: Slide this tubing, which you slid onto the tool before starting, over the end of the loop 
3: The loop is now ready
4: Insert the required length of indicator yarn into the loop
5: Push the tubing over the indicator yarn.

The strike indicator is ready to use and can be positioned on your leader as needed, by simply sliding it into position. The indicator can be removed from your leader in the reverse order, without the tool, and used again.

Tool Length: 6.5 cm

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