TMC LDL Soft Fluorocarbon Tippet

SKU: K02-TMCLDLtippet-1

CHF 21.50

This new fluorocarbon tippet material is supple enough to be used for dry fly drifting. Higher knot strength and more UV-resistant.

Long drift in complex currents with the long leader system invented by Naoto Shibuya It has a special taper structure, and by adding 6 feet of tippet, it shows its true value with the 21-foot long leader system. 
This leader is designed by Naoto Shibuya, who lives in Akita, and allows you to comfortably handle the long leader system. Its features are a thin butt and two-stage taper, which realizes the two opposing elements of turnover ability and drift ability at a high level. Many long leaders from other manufacturers have thick butts and emphasize turnover, but LDL is a leader for long drifts. The secret is that the thin butt and the first taper are steep, and the second taper and tippet section have almost no taper, making it a two-stage tippet shape. This steep taper produces minimal turnover, and the tippet section has a loose slack, which makes a difference in drift ability. [15-foot model] Of course, you can use it with a total length of 21 feet by adding 6 feet of tippet, but it is also a leader that can be used as it is at 15 feet. [13ft model] You can use it as is, or add 3ft to 6ft of tippet. It has better turnover than the 15ft, so it is effective for large flies. It is also recommended as an introduction to the long leader-tippet system. 15ft (3X-7X) 13ft (3X-6X)
50m Spool

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