Coup du Soir

COUP DU SOIR - JAVY 10'00" #4-5

SKU: K01-JAVR-10.004/5

CHF 490


JAVY 2.0 is the second series of our extra fast progressive 10'0'' fly rod, specifically developed for nymph fishing in the alpine waters.

In less than 85 grams weight, it's extremely powerful and capable of generating incredible line speed.

"Classic style" as all Coup du Soir products, It’s an extremely pleasant rod to fish, that can also adapt to dry fly fishing in wider rivers or lakes.

Our original design promotes effortless long casts, accurate presentations and reserved power for big flies and windy days. Our High Speed Concept rod meets the demands of the most decerning anglers or of anyone searching out a real high quality, top performance multipurpose fly rod.

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